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Company Overview

Brick ´n Tile Brokers manufactures a wide range of clay stock bricks, semi face bricks and face bricks. We boast a track record of 30 years of commitment to quality of product, delivery of service and industry innovation. Our wide range of products types from high end imported ceramic and porcelain Italian tiles to clay bricks of all types. read more

Information about bricks

Clay Bricks

Clay bricks are strong, solid and durable. They withstand fire, extreme weather and look attractive with time. Clay bricks are available in a wide array of colours and textures. Because clay bricks are a natural material and a product of the earth, they do not emit harmful toxins or gases into the air. read more

How bricks are made

how bricks are made
The diagram explains the way in which bricks are made for the building industry. Overall, there are seven stages in the process, beginning with the digging up of clay and culminating in delivery. read more

Face Bricks Factory

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Sevilla Light Facebrick Sevilla Rosso Facebrick Kiln Mix Facebrick show more

Do you know your clay bricks?

Clay Brick Categories

  1. FBX (Face Brick Extra) - Selected or produced for their high degree of uniformity of size, shape and colour.
  2. FBS (Face Brick Standard) - Clay Bricks selected or produced for their durability and uniformity of size and shape.
  3. FBA (Face Brick Aesthetic) - Selected or produced for their durability and aesthetic effect deriving non-uniformity of size, shape or colour.
  4. read more